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Fonderia Artistica Battaglia

Linde Freya Tangelder founded Destroyers/Builders in 2014, in Antwerp and in Brussels. The work of the studio stands out for pieces which have a sculptural and architectonic nature, in balance between contemporary and traditional elements and their highly sensory character. Research focuses on architectonic elements, building techniques and materials. Inspired by the forms of architecture, the works are based on a re-evaluation and a reconsideration of the materials: the work and the finishes by hand give these “architectonic works” a tactile aspect. The contrast of the materials, the tangibility and the humanity visible in the objects underlie the method of Destroyers/Builders and give them their cultural density.

Fonderia Artistica Battaglia started business in Milan in 1903 and makes works in bronze using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. One of the most important and prestigious art foundries in Italy, it can boast of a very long and glorious history of collaboration with leading international artists. It works with designers and creators who want to combine their design with the century-old experience and the very great artisanal skills of the Fonderia. It actively encourages the language and use of bronze through the dedicated projects of Open Studio, Battaglia Foundry Sculpture Prize and Art-Design. A garden bench cast in bronze, in a truly unique balance between refined design and skilful expertise, is the result of the creative partnership between an avant-garde design atelier and a long-established art.

Destroyers / builders
Fonderia Artistica Battaglia


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