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Elliot Barnes
Pietro Virzi

Designer and architect Elliott Barnes graduated from Cornell University in New York State in 1985 with a Master’s in Architecture and Urban Design. In 1986, he began his career at Arthur Erickson Architects in Los Angeles, while simultaneously embarking on an academic career, teaching at prestigious universities in the United States and at the Paris ENSAD (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs). In 2004, he opened his own design studio in Paris. His aesthetic talent quickly made him sought after for top-shelf design projects in France and abroad. Elliott Barnes’ design vision is marked by his elegant management of light, and the use of unusual and noble materials that grace unique, prestigious premises with an innovative approach to luxury. His distinctive style features minimalist lines, the power and possibilities of new materials, and interplays of light that merge with his poetic sensibility and the desire to tell a story with each project. His work is exquisitely finished, and evokes strong emotional engagement.

Pietro Virzi, of Sicilian origin but raised in Milan, began learning the upholstery trade at a young age, working alongside the finest masters in the process. In 1981, he founded his company, VI.MA.S., which specialises in designing and custom crafting a wide range of furniture pieces, from chairs to curtains, up to the most exquisite stretched upholstery. Following meticulous research, only the highest quality fabrics and materials are selected, including the latest generation materials like organza, polyester and innovative flame-retardant products. The company has always collaborated with prominent Milanese architectural firms, and since 2014 has been consistently involved in the interior decoration for all Christian Dior Italia stores. In 2018, Pietro Virzi was awarded the MAM-Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere recognition by the Cologni Foundation for the Art Professions. He collaborated with India Mahdavi for a special display at the 2018 edition of Homo Faber.

Elliott Barnes
Pietro Virzi


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