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Marco Campardo
Fonderia Artistica Battaglia

Marco Campardo is a designer who originally hails from the Veneto region in Italy, and is now based in London. He harbours a special interest in creation and material experimentation as a form of critical practice, using it to delve into broader narratives about culture, materiality, identity and authenticity. His work starts with hands-on experimentation and research to challenge the nature of contemporary production models. With a keen interest in materiality, his research aims to overturn or adapt industrial production processes to offer an alternative to standardised mass production. The end result of this process sees objects that are aesthetically and conceptually sophisticated, with the final forms of which are determined by the creation process itself. By playing with high-end and lo-fi methods and materials, Marco’s projects can be seen as a commentary on the value of making and craftsmanship. Chairs, tables, sideboards, pedestals, bookshelves and vases crafted from waste materials or created with machinery he builds himself are radical objects, and highly sought after by gallery owners in the field. He has just been awarded the prestigious Ralph Saltzman Prize 2023, the second edition of the award from the Design Museum in London that celebrates emerging talents.

Fonderia artistica Battaglia was founded in Milan in 1913, and has long been involved in creating monumental and sculptural works of significant historical and artistic value. With over a century of experience, it acts as a cultural intermediary with the aim of transmitting and enhancing a new understanding of bronze, through the Open Studio artists’ residency programme, the Matteo Visconti di Modrone Award at Miart Fair, and all Art-Design activities. The Foundry is also committed to in-depth scientific research aimed at studying and cataloguing the entire spectrum of bronze patinas. Since 2013, it has identified over 150 different chromatic reactions, creating one of the most comprehensive and extensive collections of patinas in the world. Additionally, the creation of an in-house restoration department has allowed the Foundry to undertake conservation work on both ancient and modern sculptures. It has always worked alongside big-name artists of the likes of Kengiro Azuma, Lucio Fontana, Arturo Martini, Francesco Messina, Marino Marini, Giacomo Manzù, Giuseppe Penone, Giò and Arnaldo Pomodoro, to name but a few.

Marco Campardo
Fonderia Battaglia


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