Double Signature. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence


“The meeting with the Master artisan Giordano Viganò was a great moment of discovery and exchange for me. We share the pleasure of making and a common passion for our crafts as craftsmen and designers. His rich and varied creative universe inspired me to propose for our collaboration this work of pure lines, transcending between emptiness and fullness. I am grateful for this very enriching experience”. (Jean Servais Somian)

“I was deeply impressed by Somian’s enthusiasm and energy: discussing woods, materials and finishes was a means of sharing information and knowledge that stem from the same passion for wood. For Somian, visiting my atelier was a way of seeing my work and experiencing it firsthand. His creations convey a culture I knew little about, but find fascinating for its expressive strength and original design. Both of which are aspects I then saw in the design he put to me. This design consists of a sideboard made up of several oval elements of the same size, which overlap in an asymmetrical arrangement. My own contribution mainly involved providing an executive solution and selecting materials. Working with Somian helped me discover a surprisingly contemporary view of design, which has strong bonds with craftsmanship and is inspired by the shapes of his homeland”. (Giordano Viganò)



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