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Folding Panorama

“The use of light is already part of my artistic practice and stained glass is one of the most evocative and historically rich traditional forms of using light. The idea here was to embrace the challenge of creating a utilitarian object, in this case a screen, approaching the process more from the perspective of a painter than a designer. I thought of the screen because I’ve always been fascinated by its use in art, as a painting that becomes a sculpture. I wanted to create a transparent, movable landscape painting that, when lit, would project a sort of mirage into the room. I chose a botanical theme because I like the idea that both plants and stained glass are photosynthetic entities. I was also interested in the idea of using the screen whilst reneging its divisive function, through the transparency of the glass which provides a membrane permeable to sight and light. Last but not least, I tried to break with the object’s modularity by including a protruding element that amplifies its sculptural look”. (Agostino iacurci)

“The time-honoured technique of leaded stained glass has been somewhat neglected by young artists in recent years. I found the interaction with Agostino to be a very interesting and constructive one, as his design allowed for a dialogue between a long-standing form of craftsmanship and modern art. The exchange of viewpoints on the design’s final effect was particularly stimulating, requiring special attention in designing the structure of the lead rods and how to insert technical cuts that would fit in with its surroundings. Another extremely important phase was the choice of glass, and the combination of various colours, considering the final location of the screen. The experience has undoubtedly been a very positive one, and I hope there will be similar opportunities in the future”. (Rosetta Gava)



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