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Mangour Book Stand

“Centring on Mangour, a traditional Saudi Arabian architectural feature, this initiative showcases a joinery method defined by sharp 45° and 90° angles, driven by innovation with the aim of honouring this venerable form of carpentry. We ventured beyond its traditional purpose to craft a lectern that resonates with our innovative ethos, proving the versatility of traditional designs in contemporary settings. Its Italian craftsmanship allowed me to draw on the ingenious designs of Leonardo Da Vinci for inspiration. It harnesses a sophisticated joint technique, with complex geometric patterns that celebrate the octagon and the four-pointed star. The juxtaposition of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology makes for a uniquely challenging interplay”. (Ahmad Angawi)

“Angawi’s versatile approach to design struck us profoundly; it is visible in the holistic way the project was developed, and the painstaking attention to detailed craftsmanship. When we met at our company premises, there was clearly a shared intention of ideas and goals, spanning from conceptual design to the actual execution of the work. Observing our values and visions as they intertwined and enhanced one another was a sheer delight, and paved the way for a rewarding collaboration on this unique project”. (Fratelli Boffi)



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