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Millefiori Lamp

“Embracing the theme of La Grande Milano, the lamp’s design was inspired by the city’s countless flower shops. Milan has a fondness of flowers, apparent from the multitude of balconies adorned with flowers and plants. The goal was to create a practical household object inspired by the natural world. The shape of the lamp draws on classic Italian table lamps from the ’60s and ’70s, specifically the iconic Murano mushroom lamp. While the object’s form is understood as a table lamp, it’s actually composed of over a thousand small silver flowers which delicately diffuse the light. I am grateful to Miracoli for their open-minded approach to experimenting with new techniques that go beyond their usual repertoire. This venture has enhanced my understanding of the casting and processing of precious metals, offering a wonderful opportunity to enhance my own skills and knowledge in working with fine materials like silver. The collaborative nature of this project was instrumental in the creation of the Millefiori lamp, thanks to the expertise and mastery of Argenteria Miracoli”. (Chris Fusaro)





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