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“To my mind, the tea service is the quintessence of silverware, and is steeped in history. The Moonlander teapot is the first of what I envision as a trilogy; I hope to round it off with Ganci by adding Abraham and the Trojan Horse. This piece is more than just a sculpture; it’s a functional work of art brimming with expressiveness that challenged the skills of its creators. I was inspired by Malevich’s silver teapot to venture into the realm of asymmetrical designs. Moonlander has been crafted with practicality in mind, without worrying about the aesthetic result. Yet nonetheless it stands out as a striking symbol of futurism and liberation”. (Job Smeets)

“We were truly captivated by the interplay between the sacred and the profane: for us, the sacred represents the cherished, classical and traditional object, while the profane embodies exploration. The similarity between the shape of the silver samovar/teapot and a spacecraft had never occurred to us before. The designer’s work, the enthusiasm and reverence he displayed towards our traditional crafts, as well as his recognition and enhancement of our own savoir-faire - something we needed to create this unique piece - left a deep impression on us”. (Ganci Argenterie)





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