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Mural Perch: visioni sospese

“Leather is a material I’ve worked with very little, but what I saw in Pier Maurizio is his ability to push the art of leather marquetry to new levels, beyond traditional techniques. Leather is a beautiful, soft material, unlike those we usually use, such as wood and steel, which are hard materials: it makes for a very interesting contrast to work on. And the challenge is the possibility of experimenting with different crafting techniques on a single item. The piece draws inspiration from the enchanting Villa Mozart, an exquisite example of 1930s Art Deco architecture that celebrates the fusion of natural beauty and iconic architectural elegance. The intricate leather foliage, carefully crafted in shades of green, pays homage to the ivy that gracefully wraps the Villa’s façade. The botanical motifs are interwoven with geometric precision, reflecting the symmetry and ornamental motifs of Art Deco. Nature and architecture coexist harmoniously in a timeless celebration of beauty and craftsmanship.” (Nada Debs)

“The designer instantly caught my eye with her multicultural roots and ability to encapsulate these traditions with a contemporary aesthetic. Working on the project, I particularly enjoyed the synergy between her creative vision and my own artisan skills. The collaboration was an extraordinary experience. We worked in harmony, bringing to life a project that reflects artisan excellence and innovative design, the union between tradition and contemporary creativity.” (Pier Maurizio Pasini)



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