Double Signature. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence


“Patchwork involves assembling mismatched parts, often using scrap fabric, to create another everyday object. At a conceptual level, the technique of patchwork involves bringing together unrelated elements to create something unique, in a multi-referential manner. Doppia Firma brings together artisans and designers, each with their own stories, to create a unique object. A further abstraction and extension renders Doppia Firma itself a kind of patchwork. I see this work as a broader reflection on the power that art and design have to cross cultures and eras, unveiling the connections beneath that bind us together. This partnership has afforded an outstanding opportunity to highlight how design and execution depend on another”. (Elliott Barnes)

“I was captivated by the decision to create furniture accessories using vastly different materials and unique shapes. I found the use of materials that are part ‘humble’ and part ‘precious’ to be interesting, and the mix of different cultures referenced in recovering recyclable materials an intriguing approach. The real challenge lay in assembly, ensuring the end result was both aesthetically pleasing and practical, all while respecting the initial design. The experience gave me the satisfaction of applying my skills in an entirely new and stimulating way. I also thank my valuable co-workers for this”. (Pietro Virzi)



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