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“Being able to work alongside a company like Serapian that crafts leather to the very highest levels has piqued my curiosity, as well as proving to be a challenge. Leather is a flexible, lively material. It lends itself well to a multitude of uses and both architectural and design themes, such as folds, curves, weaves and geometric effects. I wanted to design upholstered pieces whilst paying homage to the tailoring world associated with the creation of the ‘Mosaic’ pattern, which weaves Serapian’s hallmark leather strips together. I embarked on painstaking work to study the art of folding, and the concept of ‘soft’ geometric shapes, both of which are deeply intertwined with the history of Serapian bags and accessories. It seemed only natural to extend this theme to the sessions we planned. The partnership has been a dynamic journey in which separate realms have merged together, giving rise to something greater than the sum of its parts. The end result demonstrates just how successful the venture has been, as well as attesting to the power of creative partnerships in design and craftsmanship. I always seek to engage with worlds that do not directly belong to my specific skills, to challenge myself and grow on a professional and personal level. It has been a wonderful challenge that has yielded a beautiful piece of furniture!”. (Cristina Celestino)




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