Double Signature. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence


“I was particularly attracted by Maestro Rametta’s unique techniques and his vast experience. Seeing his works, I was fascinated by the magical quality they possess. The project aims to use the pre-Columbian world with the mythological world in the creation of a piece designed for ritual purposes that through vibrations, somehow fosters a connection, whether with our inner selves, nature.The fusion of symbolic and therapeutic elements aims to provide a profound and transformative experience, inviting exploration of the interconnectedness between sounds. Our intention is for individuals to interact freely and spontaneously with this sculptural object, allowing for personal interpretation and exploration. This concept is applied to the fascinating hammering technique used by the master, creating an exploration around the Piece. Furthermore, the aim is to create a space where relaxation and connection can be achieved through the use of sound”. (Natalia Criado)

“With Natalia we immediately shared a love for the earth and nature, for the traditions of ancient cultures and their rituals. An excellent starting point for a fruitful collaboration. The pleasure of collaborating and playing with imagination led us towards the experimentation of a synaesthetic work, in which sculptural form meets sonority. A large archaic womb that, caressed by hands, tells the ancestral story of metals through sounds and vibrations. I felt at home. It was a dialogue between art and contemporary design, an immersion in a magical world that we hope will generate wonder and encourage a daily practice of inner listening. What emerges is a union of visions and passion for design”. (Alessandro Rametta)




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