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Scacco Matto

“The delicate touch and soft shapes of Tonino Negri’s works depict animals, plants, buildings, and human figures with a narrative flair and a sprinkling of humour. The starting point is the vase. His vases frequently emerge in an archetypal shape, transformed into vase-shaped buildings and trees, and vases shaped like people carrying vases. ‘Scacco Matto’, which in Italian means ‘check-mate’, is a chess set inspired by these vases. Each piece is meticulously modelled and finished with a beautiful matte black and white glaze, lending a subtle translucence and a shaded texture which is the cornerstone feature of his creations. The chess pieces are multifunctional, doubling as containers and vessels, vases, and more. Just like a chess game, where both sides face off within the artwork”. (Nendo)

“I find Oki Sato’s work remarkably compelling for its concise minimalism and pared-back style, which captures elements of Japanese culture and beyond, whilst reworking them with a modern take. The alignment in vision, the exceptional professionalism of the designer and his team and the strong rapport have not only made this venture successful, but also enriching on a personal level. Working with a professional of Oki Sato’s stature has proven a stimulating experience that has given me fresh creative energy”. (Tonino Negri)




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