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Spilt Selfie

“This is the first time I’ve ever worked with bronze. Bronze is a fascinating yet extremely complex material, especially considering that the lost-wax casting technique has been used for thousands of years, leaving little room for innovation. Working with Fonderia Battaglia allowed me to experiment with new techniques, enriching not just my cultural knowledge but also enabling me to create an object that I had been mulling over for some time. My work is often defined as ‘process-driven’, meaning that I am frequently interested in the process involved in bringing an object to life. In this case, the mirror was created by pouring liquid plaster onto the floor. Therefore, the resulting shape is not the result of a design which was meticulously planned by pencil, but rather the outcome of a process that resulted in a one-off piece”. (Marco Campardo)

“We really appreciated the designer’s curious approach, his desire to understand the limits and possibilities of the lost-wax casting process. Marco wanted to analyse and fully understand the foundry practices, incorporating an industrial process to give a ‘technical’ flavour to the artefact. The collaboration was smooth, based on mutual trust, with a continuous exchange of opinions, experiences and visions. Difficulties, for our creative approach and the organisation of our work, are a necessary condition for the development of each project. The collaboration with Campardo for Doppia Firma was a positive experience and an enrichment for us, like every experience with artists and designers with whom we collaborate every day to develop unique ‘products’”. (fonderia artistica Battaglia)




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