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Federica Elmo
Dimensione Marmo

Federica Elmo, a Roman designer and art director, lives and works in Milan. From 2007 she has been collaborating as a designer for Diesel Living. Since 2014 she is the brand’s Design Director, dealing with all the aspects of the collection. Since 2016 she has been conducting her own independent research, experimenting on materials and finishes, mixing languages and technologies crossing the border between craftsmanship and industry. She designs tables, vases and objects  blending geometric and organic shapes, with unexpected chromatic effects; a color lover, she often uses marble and metals with a playful and decorative spirit. By proposing new finishing processes, she plays with the natural material, making it appear artificial and ambiguous: between fiction and reality.

Dimensione Marmo is a family-run artisanal business in the province of Bergamo, specialized in manually working marble and natural stones for furnishing. Founded by the master Pietro Ricci, a craftsman and marble sculptor, it was taken over by his son-in-law Zoran Salaj, who learned the trade in the workshop alongside Pietro. It is a business of excellence, capable of carrying out all the classic manual techniques. Their encounter has resulted in unexpected seats, inspired by the restoration of ancient Roman and Greek ruins, artifacts that preserve memories, layered in time, uniformed by traces left by great manual skill, thanks to an ancestral technique. An expressiveness that is combined evocatively with very sharp and contrasting geometric volumes. An upcycling approach determined by the use of recycled marble embeds the pieces with history and give the objects a sustainable dimension, especially for the economy and the productive methods of the atelier.

Federica Elmo


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