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Giampiero Bodino
Gianpaolo Fallani

Gianpaolo Fallani is a screen printer. His clients are artists, galleries, publishers and sometimes designers.
He works at the same printing table his father took into use in 1968. Technically, the screen printing process is still the same; certain elements are modified according to the type of original – an oil painting, a photograph, an ink drawing or vector graphics. “It was a pleasure and an honour to work with Giampiero Bodino, one of the most talented designers of high jewellery,” says Fallani. Although his major profession is indeed that, Bodino is also a proficient painter. This was the first time he had made screen prints, however. 

The original five drawings were made using ballpoint pen – a Montblanc with an extra bold nib, and an ultra-common Bic Cristal – on handmade Italian paper. “The screen print is an actual translation of my pen work, not a faithful calligraphic reproduction, but an evanescent layering of planes and colour fields. It was a transformation, not a mere reproduction, and I found that very interesting,” says Bodino. The five drawings by Bodino will illustrate a fine hand-bound volume on craftsmanship and the special contribution manual skill gives to objects.
They portray the active hand positioning of a weaver, a ceramicist, a mosaicist, a wood carver and a blacksmith, each with the respective tools of the trade neatly arranged as a didactic addition. In order, they progress from the delicacy of handling thread-wrapped weaving shuttles to the explosive force of hammering on an anvil. 

Giampiero Bodino
While the Turin-born Giampiero Bodino was an architecture student, his future career swerved toward design when he met automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. After a stint designing cars himself, he moved to Rome to learn jewellery design with Gianni Bulgari. Ten years later, he met Franco Cologni and moved to Milan to open a design studio. Collaboration with Richemont brought him to work exclusively for the Swiss luxury group in 2000, becoming its art director in 2002. With the support of Richemont, he has been designing high jewellery under his own name since 2013, making classically Italian, unique items with precious gems in unusual colour combinations. His studio and showroom are at the Villa Mozart in Milan.
Gianpaolo Fallani
In Venice, Gianpaolo Fallani runs the artistic screen printing studio founded by his father Fiorenzo in 1968. When he joined the business, it was still specialised in photolithography, a process that transforms photographs and slides into typographically printed images. In 2012, when Fallani was in charge of large format digital printing, he decided to go back to screen printing with his father. Since then, Fallani has worked with many artists, organising residencies and workshops. He has opened the shop to the city by hosting cultural events, concerts and exhibitions. His aim is to keep it a lively place where artists can experiment and where the public can meet the artists and see their work.


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