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Ivan Baj
Andrea Zilio

Artist and glass designer Ivan Baj lives and works in Sardinia. Founder in 1989 of the brand Arcade, he has designed collections together with international artists and designers such as Laura de Santillana, Paola Navone, Marcello Panza and numerous others. For years he has been relying on the hands of master Andrea Zilio to produce limited editions entirely handmade in Murano, at the fornace Anfora. Ivan's are journeys through the playful, the evocative and the imaginative translated into glass as a meeting point between culture and technique. Ivan's creations have been exhibited at the Musée d'Orsay and the Beaubourg in Paris, at the Venice Glass Week, at Palazzo Litta and at the Triennale in Milan, and are held in the permanent collections of the Murano Glass Museum.

Andrea Zilio masters all traditional glass techniques and is a virtuoso interpreter of the most complex Murano glass work. Together with Andrea, Ivan has designed glass with pure, essential shapes and Nordic inspiration for Arcade. A new path has recently begun through the contamination of neo-baroque worlds linked to the Mediterranean tradition.


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