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Marcin Rusak

Marcin Rusak is a Polish artist and multidisciplinary designer who lives and works between London and Warsaw. His work often incorporates research, objects and installations, as well as visual creations used to explore neglected details of our lives. The son and grandson of horticulturalists, he is fascinated by flowers as natural sources of inspiration, involving them in the creative process in various ways. Through research, craftsmanship and the adoption of new technologies, Rusak seeks a complex approach to art in order to reappraise objects and their meaning, using nature itself as decoration. Recently he has developed with great success two materials, called Flora Perma and Flora Temporaria, used to create unique and composite resin surfaces.

Poignee Fabrique Creative was founded in Rome in 1967 as a result of a brilliant intuition on the part of Ida Bazzi, a Roman entrepreneur and intellectual who turned her passion for art history, design and architecture into a craft-based profession linked to the production of door handles, opening the first shop to sell them in the heart of Rome. Under the guidance of her daughter Roberta and her husband Alessandro Cinque, and with a generation ready to take up the precious legacy, Poignee became a centre of Italian excellence, an international point of reference for the production of handles, objects of design and custom-made furnishing accessories. Over the years it has turned into a factory specializing in the use of a variety of new materials to make handles and pieces of furniture, such as aluminium, steel, bronze and plexiglass, as well of course as brass. Out of the extraordinary and unexpected encounter between Rusak’s experimental genius and the great expertise of the historic Roman company has come a creation of great intensity and material richness.

Marcin Rusak


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