Double Signature. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence

Michela Cattai
Andrea Zilio

Michela Cattai, active in Milan and Venice and a pupil of Fabrizio Plessi at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, where she took a diploma in painting, began her research into glass by attending the course of design taught by Ennio Chiggio. In 1992 she founded the Galleria Michela Cattai in Milan, with the aim of establishing a significant dialogue between art and design. She decided to take her study of glass further at the furnace, trying out the technique of glassblowing at first-hand on Murano. Learning the methods used in the Renaissance and about the history of glass in the 20th century, always studying and experimenting. Her works have been shown at major international exhibitions and fairs. Since 2019 she has held the position of art director at Venini.

Andrea Zilio is considered one of the greatest masters in the world of the art of non-figurative glassblowing. His incomparable talent allows him to apply in a modern way the most complex of traditional techniques, such as reticello, incalmo, zanfirico and sommerso, all of which he has mastered perfectly. The Fornace Anfora on Murano, a family-run business and centre of excellence where he is the sole master craftsman, attracts artists from all over the world, who come there so that their ideas can take on concrete form in the masterpieces that emerge from Zilio’s skilful hands. Out of the encounter between these two talents, indefatigable researchers and experimenters in the sublime material of glass, has come the Linfa collection, couched in abstract forms characterised by the rhythm of their composition.


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