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Odd Matter
Bam Design

Odd Matter is a design studio based in Rotterdam, founded by a Dutch native, Els Woldhek, and by a Bulgarian, Georgi Manassiev. They met when they were both studying in London, at the Royal College of Arts. Research, creation and exploration of the world, its past, present and future, through materials, processes and concepts: this is the vision that guides the work of this pair of designers in the creation of unique works; closely linked to places and materials (copper, crystal, stone, ceramic, marble and metals) which often combine techniques from different historical periods. The result is unexpected objects: like the series in scagliola and car paints, or  the collection of lamps where the artisan working in  copper achieves spectacular and highly contemporary effects.

BAM, Bottega Artigiana Metalli, based in Nuoro, in Sardinia, founded by Tonino Bruno with his sons Vittorio and Andrea, is specialised in the artistic working of wrought iron, copper, brass and steel. Vittorio, who has a degree from the Politecnico of Milan, brought the knowledge necessary to embark on an innovative design-driven path; Andrea, a graduate of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, has renewed the company’s communication, making BAM the expression of a story four generations old. Andrea and Vittorio combine their knowledge of the Bruno family with the experience and skills of contemporary craftsmanship, in a constant search for beauty, quality and creativity. The encounter between Odd Matter and BAM, pure contemporary creativity and great craftsmanship, has produced a piece with a strong character and scenic presence, the intense and significant result of love for the power of metal and its infinite possibilities of expression.

Bam Design


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