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Pepa Reverter
Luigi Bertolin of Ceramiche Artistiche 3B

Pepa Reverter calls her ceramic sculpture Woman in Love. It is a stacked four-piece totem designed to be turned on a potter’s wheel. Each interlocking piece can be used as a bowl or cache-pot. For Mario Bertolin, the sculpture posed no particular difficulties.
“As a ceramicist, you never stop learning,” he says.
“Every year, you become more expert. You find new and better ways of doing things; you find new systems and new types of clay. Although the work is strictly manual, I constantly seek ways to improve my technique. It gives me great satisfaction to make a living doing something I love.” Reverter is very pleased with the results. 

“I believe that new technologies are important and interesting – the development of 3D-printed products is brutal and unstoppable and will become increasingly common – but I also believe that we must preserve the wisdom of the great masters in contemporary design and make them a greater presence,” she says. “Bertolin is an authentic craftsman who works the pieces by hand, one by one. He is able to produce large sizes, and has an artist’s capacity to do everything he does. He is a great teacher, and easily executes the perfection of shapes and measures of clay elements. He has a special symbiosis with clay.” Since Reverter also paints and draws, she begins her design work with a sketch, which then becomes a painting, and then a sculptural three-dimensional object. She wants her design to be optimistic, looking toward a better future. “In Western societies, a cradle of great cultures and art, we should give good examples” she says.

Pepa Reverter
Pepa Reverter has been living in Barcelona for 20 years, the city where she graduated in printmaking from Escola Llotja, took a bachelor of sculpture in fine arts and a master’s degree in video and TV production at the Universitat Politècnica. Here she has a Studio in Poblenou, the art district, in an old textile factory. She likes to be connected with the world, so she travels a lot. She says it is the best way to understand how globalisation affects us socially, culturally and economically. She loves working with clay, and she enjoyed working with Mario Bartolin very much. Reverter designed the Sisters Collection of female heads in ceramics for the Italian company Bosa, and works with BD Barcelona.
Mario Bertolin
The master ceramicist Mario Bertolin began learning the family craft of pottery at age 13. His grandfather and father worked clay with machines, whereas he has been working strictly with his hands for 40 years now. Ceramiche Artistiche 3B was cofounded by Mario, his brother Luigi and his uncle Severino in 1978. Now that his uncle and brother are retired, he continues on his own. Bertolin specialises in the turning of unglazed, fired biscotto (biscuit earthenware) objects on a potter’s wheel; glazing and colouring are tended to by others. Bertolin much enjoys being a ceramicist and takes great pride in creating special pieces – he often works with designers, artists and art galleries of renown.


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