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Vito Nesta
Wallpaper Sanpatrignano

Twenty young artisans display their talent for artisanal work in the field of interior decoration. Guided by Alessandro Pieri, the boys of San Patrignano (a rehabilitation centre founded by Vincenzo Muccioli) are once again finding joy in life, beauty and discovery by working with architects such as Peter Marino and Renzo Mongiardino on interior design projects. The historic wallpapers of Renzo Mongiardino, who helped set up San Patrignano’s artisanal workshops, provided the starting point for designer Vito Nesta, who chose to reinvent this exquisite heritage. The stencilled fabric screen he created for Doppia Firma, using a reimagined version of a decorative pattern by Mongiardino, is only one part of the project. Nesta and the artisans also created a series of new handmade wallpapers inspired by the marble and stucco decorations of Villa Mozart, where Doppia Firma is staged in Milan.

Alessandra Salaris integrated them into the Doppia Firma exhibition concept. “We invited Vito Nesta to visit our workshop, and we immediately clicked,” says Pieri. “To be present at Doppia Firma had always been our dream, and the chance to work with a young yet complete designer like Vito Nesta ignited our enthusiasm.” By working with the designer, the artisans learned the importance of historical, yet experimental research, while in the San Patrignano workshop, Nesta saw the power of manual work and talent, which can change a life by transforming a passion into a profession.

Vito Nesta


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