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Bagno Paradiso

This is how the makers poetically explain this openly playful work of art; one that recalls the games children play on the beach, whilst also evoking the bitter-sweet scenario of evening as it descends over the sea. Yet perhaps it is all just an illusion, a dream... “Bagno Paradiso is a beach on the Romagna riviera where children run around in the sand between all the colourful, stripy beach umbrellas, and the adults chatter all cuddled up on the sun loungers in the shade … But then again, maybe it isn’t! It’s all in our heads, there is no such thing as Bagno Paradiso, no beach, no umbrellas, not even any children. It’s almost silent, there are a few forgotten toys such as coloured beachballs which the youngsters have propped a surface on top of for playing cards, because evening is coming and the air is getting damp, the light is metaphysical and the sea is turning to ceramic.”





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