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Doppio gioco

“This is a dining table. It contains a light source which lifts up, allowing it to pour over the table like a cascade of light. The round table represents a mandala created with recycled toy animals, iridescent shells of an oriental insect, glass marbles and birthday cake candles, all sealed into countless layers of transparent resin. I love the layout of mandalas, they represent the entire cycle of existence. The circle stands for the interior universe we each have, which remind us of our relationship with infinity and our journey towards the centre, towards identification. The piece conjures up a playful place, like a fairground ride or a cake which brings back memories and allows those using it to reconnect with their own personal, joyful memories. The coloured light intervention reinforces the dreamlike atmosphere, making it a truly unique piece,” Emanuela Crotti explains of her creation, part philosophical reflection, part memory and part game. The movement of the candle is based on the footage of a real flame. The London-based studio has developed a special algorithm that animates the flame with infinite complexity, just like a classic candle, by combining advanced technologies.







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