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(K)not flying

Yvonne Brunner frequented the Stone summer school led by designer Daniel Zeisner in 2022, organised in conjunction with the Michelangelo Foundation and the New Design University. One of the aims of the workshop was to treat stone in a way that gave it completely unexpected visual characteristics. Yvonne opted to design and sculpt limestone prototypes that resemble soft cloths. With the help of Daniel Zeisner, she developed this idea into a highly artistic luminous object: a balloon full of light floating above a full sandbag on the floor. The two objects are joined by a coloured rope. But a second glance reveals that the jute bag on the floor is actually a block of Giallo Siena marble carved to masterful effect. The work plays with perception in a way that baffles and fascinates, blending decoration and function as it captures the imagination of anyone looking at it, encouraging them to change perspective. The vibrant colours complete the work, with the brilliant red of the cord connecting the rich golden hue of classic Italian Giallo Siena marble with the white, delicately coloured glass balloon.



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