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La Boîte à Soleil

A treasure chest made entirely of straw marquetry, whose decoration is inspired by the sun, symbol of light and prosperity. The poetry and imaginative decorations created by the French designer combine perfectly with the outstanding skill of the Parisian marquetry expert. The surprising container, which brings to mind a tabernacle, follows the eighteenth-century tradition of marquetry made using straw (“the poor man’s gold”) and is inspired by Lison de Caunes’ own personal collection. Featuring complex, precious decorations, the chest is adorned with a variety of motifs and narratives that inspired Ahmed Terbaoui’s tale of a young boy in search of the sun, who finds himself in a field full of wheat with “the woman who has gold in her hand.” Together they create a treasure chest with wheat sheafs to capture the sun’s rays … A beautiful ode to the master artisan, Lison de Caunes. The work affords an astonishing glimpse into an exceptional artform which has become the preserve of just a handful of great craftsmen and women.





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