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La Paresse

A linen and wood screen with hand-painted decorative motifs. This playful, priceless screen, which masterfully reworks models from the eighteenth century, comprises three parts and is modular. The user can place it wherever he or she wants; it has a central medallion which invites those using it to allow themselves to be watched, framed as if in a portrait. Here Victor Cadene reinterprets the classic Toile de Jouy working alongside Thevenon. The print, inspired by the original designs by Cadene, has yielded the desire for a piece of furniture, a form that fits in with an intimate setting like a bedroom or a bathroom. Working in conjunction with a carpenter and a tapestry maker, both from the Aveyron area, the structure came to life in the Fontainbleau atelier. It is here that Victor Cadene underscored every detail of his decoration by hand, one colour at a time, before illuminating it with flashes of gold.

French Cliché conveys artists and craftsmanship to collaborate on collectible design objects. Artist and illustrator, Victor Cadène creates his own toile de Jouy. An ode to the Mediterranean laziness and a reference to orientalist painters, such as Ingres or Matisse. Maison Thévenon, has been dressing furniture and walls since 1890 with a unique textile know how. Victor Cadens drawing sublimate the woven fabrics. Shaped as a frame to portrait a room, the screen combines the artists exclusive textile to an interior decor piece.



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