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Marmor Stupor

The work explores the art of trompe-l’oeil applied to various materials and objects: a ceramic vase, a steel lamp, a wooden table and a mirror. Each piece of the set was designed by Philippe Cramer with his minimal yet sensual style, and decorated by Mohamed Khalia from Atelier B with a contemporary motif imitating four different marbles: black Noir royal, red Griotte rouge, green Vert de mer and white Blanc veiné. The set has been created to evoke surrealist-style interior furnishings loosely inspired by René Magritte and Salvador Dalì. The title refers to the state of surprise one experiences on discovering that these objects are not actually made of marble, but trick the eye and our perception. A work that offers an original and highly skilled take on the theme of playfulness, creating a masterful illusion.



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