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“My work often gives me the opportunity to strip back some of the myth surrounding Murano glass, to deconsecrate it. The Teste Composte came about from my passion for anthropomorphic figures, but they are also a way of lightening the intrinsic seriousness of glass objects, in my case Venetian mirrors, with an object which is ironic and full of decorations that imitate the Baroque style. At the same time, I take out the functionality of the object to underscore its artistic and decorative quality,” the designer explains. The partnership with the historical Venetian atelier has yielded a series of mirrors inspired by Arcimboldo, made with volutes, rosebuds, flowers and leaves – some of the most commonly used elements in Venetian mirror craftsmanship, all executed with painstaking attention to detail – in the place of the beard, eyes, nose and hair. The mask and the mirror are both traditional Venetian artistic items, and combining the two creates a new mask that maintains the decorative details typical of antique Venetian mirrors, at the same time toning it down with a light-hearted approach. 





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